Monday, May 25, 2020

From Facebook

  • Deloris Brown When I grew up we didn't have clocks so I had to call that number many many times.
  • Steve Butler
    Steve Butler I called it when I was young!
  • Susan L Krydynski I called it to make sure all our clocks were correct. Didn't have internet or singing phones.
    John Coffey
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  • Bruce D Richardson
    Bruce D Richardson and another to get a phone number.
  • Mike Crandall It gets funnier - during the breaks between the orated times, if you talked real loud, other people who had also called time could hear you. If you stayed on the line long enough, you could have a quick conversation, but each time slot was maybe 2 seconds long. It was a thing back then. My friend and I actually set up a date with a couple of ladies through that method - granted, I was a teenager, and this was 1976 or so.


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