Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Did George Carlin See 9/11 Coming?

Bill Burr - The Hitler Family Name

BTW, I have seen on the internet people named Hitler.  If my last name were Hitler, I would change it.

Kids used to make fun of my last name, not that I cared.  I thought that these kids were stupid so I didn't let them bother me.   

After "The Green Mile", I don't think that I would name a son "John".  Not a season has gone by where somebody hasn't asked me if I have seen the movie.  Twenty years ago it was every week.  Maybe, I would.  Hypothetically, he would be John Coffey the 4th. 

I assumed that my name is relatively rare, but yesterday my car mechanic said that they had 15 John Coffey's in their computer system.

My father had a close friend in the military named Richard, so my middle name is Richard.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Best Jesus Jokes | Stand-Up Compilation

I just had to share this.

George Carlin: Why we aren't ready for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

This is so dark.

I think that suicide is no joking matter.

Contrary to what he says, chimpanzees kill other chimpanzees.  Other animals will engage in mortal combat with each other.  Lions are incredibly brutal to their prey.  The pride will start eating the animal before it is dead.