Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Bill Burr - The Hitler Family Name

BTW, I have seen on the internet people named Hitler.  If my last name were Hitler, I would change it.

Kids used to make fun of my last name, not that I cared.  I thought that these kids were stupid so I didn't let them bother me.   

After "The Green Mile", I don't think that I would name a son "John".  Not a season has gone by where somebody hasn't asked me if I have seen the movie.  Twenty years ago it was every week.  Maybe, I would.  Hypothetically, he would be John Coffey the 4th. 

I assumed that my name is relatively rare, but yesterday my car mechanic said that they had 15 John Coffey's in their computer system.

My father had a close friend in the military named Richard, so my middle name is Richard.

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